• Over 35 years under current ownership
  • Professionally trained staff
  • We hold an impeccable record of no failures attributed to excellent workmanship
  • Latest technical equipment
  • OEM and Military motor applications
  • Providing a New 3,500 square foot winding department with 30 foot ceiling and 16 foot high bay door

A passion for perfection

The passion in Sal Gaccione's voice is rising, as it often does when Italians speak of the finer things in life, such as opera or wine or great works of art.

"Look at the attention to detail," Gaccione says, pointing to a photograph. "Everything has been individually wrapped and sealed by hand. You just don't see that kind of craftsmanship much anymore."

At first glance, the object that Gaccione is describing could in

deed be mistaken for a large piece of fine Italian pastry or ribbon candy, with a light blue swirl delicately intertwined among a series of brilliantly white folds.

But all of the white in the photo is not fancy Italian cream, it's from tape in tightly wrapped coils. And the blue swirl is insulating paper. The photo shows the work that has been done to complete a customized winding on a 450-hp motor to the exacting specifications of an arm of the United States military. It's just one of many similar jobs that routinely come through Atlantic-Kenmark Electric, Inc., the electrical service shop that Sal Gaccione has owned and operated here for 25 years, the last 22 in partnership with his two brothers, Frank andVincent.